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Our Story

Pathwise founders, Chad Hattrup and Todd Hollow-Bist met in college, building the foundation of a lifelong friendship. They backpacked around Europe together, two guys with a trusty copy of Nietzsche and a thirst for philosophical discussion (and a few German beers). After returning to the states, they each devoted themselves to diverging passions, Chad moving into business and Todd drawn to psychology. Following graduation, Chad entered the business sector, while Todd continued into a psychology Ph.D. program. Though their paths were different, the two friends remained in touch and continued to discuss the interpersonal struggles in their professional lives.

They found themselves experiencing these clashes on a regular basis, with coworkers, bosses and clients and spent more and more time discussing these conflicts with each other. Chad became disillusioned with the nature of the business world, finding it lacking in wise leaders. He decided to make a long-term career change and chose to begin a course of study in psychology.

Through their respective academic programs, Chad and Todd each began to recognize the important applications for psychological tenets in both interpersonal and organizational dynamics. Their dialogues uncovered deep and powerful connections between what they were learning in psychoanalysis and philosophy coursework and applications to practical business scenarios.They started to talk about how it would be possible to bring these ideas to leaders in the business world - what classes might look like, how participants would use the information and how their program should differ from typical leadership development courses. These discussions were the inception of Pathwise Leadership Development and became The 10 Essentials, Cohort Learning and Pathwise in Practice.

And then slowly, it started, with a small group of friends gathering to listen to and discuss these ideas. The next time they brought their friends, and word of mouth brought others and soon the business began to grow. From a couple of people around the table in a coffee shop, Pathwise has added faculty and hundreds of members, and spread from Seattle to San Francisco and continues to grow. From a single, tentative group, the program has flourished, with new cohorts starting in multiple cities every month. Expansion plans include cities in Asia and Europe, as well as many other markets in the US.

This is not just any leadership development seminar. Pathwise faculty have spent years in both the business and academic arenas refining the curriculum and practicing hands-on learning. What we do works - and we would like to share that with you.

Pathwise Faculty

Pathwise faculty and advisors are the foundation for offering our members a meaningful cohort experience. Pathwise classes are taught by the Executive Faculty who have a background in psychology and human dynamics, and a deep understanding of the Pathwise Ten Essentials. Classes are co-taught by industry leaders that have been through the program in its entirety and shown a particular propensity for supporting other students in their learning and development.

Todd Hollow-Bist, PsyD (abd), M.A.
Founder and Co-CEO

Todd has 22 years of organizational and academic leadership experience. He spent the last six years founding and developing Pathwise Leadership, the prior seven years as Academic Director and Senior Faculty at Northwest College of Art, and the initial nine years in private and hospital settings as a clinician.

Chad G. Hattrup, PhD
Founder and Co-CEO

Chad has more than 17 years of experience as an operating leader and leadership psychologist. He is an experienced internal and external consultant to both private industry and public service organizations. His particular areas of expertise include employee and organizational assessment, leadership development, cultural transformation, and team development and facilitation.

Lisa Holman
Chief Operating Officer

As a leader and strategist in her progressively successful career in lending as well as technology, Lisa was intrigued by Chad and Todd’s description of their forming organization: Pathwise Leadership. In fact, Lisa joined the first cohort. While participating in the program, Lisa offered counsel to the new business-owners as they navigated operational challenges. She soon joined fulltime in the evolving COO role of conceiving, implementing, and scaling the structural and operational underpinnings of membership for a growing community across three regions. When time allows, Lisa enjoys exploring Pathwise ideas with members as an advisor.

Endre Voros
Seattle Area Director

Endre Voros joined Pathwise as a member in 2007 and became an Executive Faculty Member in 2008. His past experience includes P&L Responsibility, Organizational Development, as well as Leadership & Management of global teams. He has led full-scale change efforts for organizations and is responsible for advising executives and leaders within companies. He currently serves as the Pathwise Seattle Area Director.

Paul Morris
Bay Area Director

Having served as strategic advisor to the Pathwise founders since 2007, Paul joined full time in 2011 to oversee the advising process of the Pathwise community as a whole. Paul took on the role of Bay Area Director in January 2014, and now splits his time between Seattle and the Bay Area as an instructor and advisor.

Mahima Muralidharan

Mahima Muralidharan is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience providing program management, training, and psychological care for adults, children and families. She is the co-founder of Cohear SF, an organizational consulting firm based in San Francisco. She advises companies on work place well-being and diversity and inclusion initiatives. She has a keen interest in psychoanalytic theory and socio-cultural process and teaches widely in the bay area.

Kim Saunders
Director of Leadership Strategy

Kim joined Pathwise in 2017 with a focus on helping leaders increase the impact of their Pathwise investments through strategic organization-wide implementation. Her past experience includes 20 years managing large teams to develop advanced software, launching a sustainable residential housing start-up, writing two textbooks on databases, practicing and performing as a musician and music director, helping lead a community effort to address homelessness on Seattle’s East Side, and writing a new musical about a young man with autism. Kim is passionate about all forms of collaborative leadership.

Karise Swainson
Advanced Program Advisor

Karise Swainson started her journey in Pathwise in 2012, and joined the team assembling advanced cohorts for Seattle, the Bay Area, and New York in 2015. Her corporate experience focused on recruiting, mentoring, and management. Along the way, she fostered a love for working with individuals in transition and transformation. She is struck by how the ideas of Pathwise open leaders to pursue the real and the possible, and she is humbled by the opportunity to walk with members on their journey.

Fred Hale
Senior Advisor

Fred Hale has been an active participant and trusted advisor with Pathwise since its inception. In addition to a life-long study of psychoanalytic thinking, Fred brings a deep knowledge of Buddhist ideas having studied in India with accomplished Tibetan monks. His approach to leadership through interpersonal innovation is driven by his own continuing search for self-knowledge. Fred has been a professional leadership coach, musician and music teacher, as well as participating in several entrepreneurial business ventures.

Sameer Bhangar
Senior Advisor

Sameer Bhangar lives in Seattle with his wife and two kids. He has 16+ years of experience in the software industry, leading small agile teams and shipping software and services at Microsoft. He has a breadth of technical experience, from managing quality assurance for large scale platform components in Windows to driving feature development for startup mobile technologies to building online services for Bing. In addition to his technical expertise, he's had experience managing engineering relationships with technology partners in India and South Africa for new incubation projects in emerging markets. Sameer is passionate about working with leaders and teams to foster a greater sense of community and capacity for empathy in the workplace.

Let's Talk

New cohorts are being formed on a regular basis. Groups of ten participants meet each month for three hours to learn the curriculum over the course of a year. If you have any questions or would like to become a member we would love to hear from you. Our faculty welcomes the opportunity to speak by phone or set up an in-person meeting.

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